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Eugene Bell Foundation Will Send MDR-TB Drug to North Korea

2016-08-21 13:28

On August 17, the Eugene Bell Foundation (president, Stephen Linton, 인세반) announced that it has received government permission to send medicines and related equipment for treatment of 1,000 multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients in North Korea. The shipment will take place this coming November and in May next year. South-North government relations have been cut off, but civil organizations persevere in their support for North Korea.

In the photo, Stephen Linton, president of the Eugene Bell Foundation, uses a clock to explain the critical timing involved in the treatment of tuberculosis, at a special press interview held at the Korean Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul.

Reporter Yang Minkyeong (grieg@kmib.co.kr), with Yeara Ahn-Park (yap@kmib.co.kr)
Photo by senior reporter Kang Min Seok

Full Story in Korean:
“다제내성결핵 1000명분 치료약 북한에 보낸다”: 유진벨 재단, 정부 반출승인받아… 경색된 남북관계 속 ‘희망’ 보여

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