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“50% of earth destroyed…No alternative but for churches to be protectors of ecology”

2018-11-28 17:18

Pastors dreaming of “green ministry” have come together to seek ways for the churches to be reborn as ecological protectors.

The PCK Green Church Council, an organ within the Social Service Ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) Tonghap General Assembly, held its regular general assembly on November 26, at Gogi Church in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do (photo). PCK Green Church Council is composed of 30 some PCK Tonghap “green churches,” selected as members by the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK) and the Christian Environmental Solidarity Movement.

Gogi Church Pastor Ahn Hong-taek preached the sermon. Gogi Church, located at the northern edge of Gwanggyosan forest in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, is immersed in nature. At a marshland nearby, the church operates an ecology classroom called “Original Place,” where children meet up with crawfish, fireflies and newts. The Gogi Church building, more than 40 years old, is 66 sq. meters (20 pyeong) in area; people remove their shoes at the entrance and sit on cushions for worship. “Bamtoshil Children’s Library,” just beside the church, contains more than12,000 books but is also a gathering place for village residents. In order to increase the library space, the pastor’s house was returned to the church. Rev. Ahn explained, “The library transcends capital considerations, as a meditation spot where children and adults, including elderly folks, can truly meet.”

PCK Green Church Council is planning to hold a workshop at Jangtaesan Recreational Forest in Daejeon next May, and to visit “Grace Forest” in Mongolia in June.

On the afternoon of November 26, the pan-denominational Green Church Network sponsored a lecture by Park Sung-won, president of Gyeong An Theological Graduate University, on “A Green Ministry Vision Based on Ecological Civilization.” President Park said, “I read an article saying that the earth is 4.5 billion years old, so if we consider it to be human age 45, then humans arrived on earth just four hours ago, industrialization has proceeded for just one minute, and during that one minute 50% of earth has been destroyed.” He declared, “There is no alternative but for the churches to be reborn as protectors of the ecology.”

Article and photo by reporter Woo Sungkyu (mainport@kmib.co.kr), from Yongin, with Marion Kim (marionkkim@icloud.com)

Original Article in Korean:
“지구의 50% 파괴… 교회가 생태 지킴이 되는 게 대안”: 예장 녹색교회협의회 정기총회

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