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“Christian Worldview,” Written For Easy Understanding By the Next Generation

2018-11-30 15:26

It’s hard to think of anyone who could better explain the “Christian worldview” to the next generation inside and outside the Korean church. That is because, along with his abundant research on “the Christian worldview,” he has been in continuous communication with the next generation, and has agonized more than anyone else over how to graft the Christian worldview into various situations outside the church. This person is Chungeoram ARMC Representative Yang Hui-song, who wrote “Worldview Class” (Bokinneun Saram, Publisher).

Yang first came in touch with the Christian worldview as a university student in the late 1980s. His interest was revived in 1999 when he went to England to study theology. Back in Korea, in 2002 he became a vigorous participant in the Christian worldview debate that had sprung up around the monthly publication “The Gospel and Situation,” and from 2004, for the next seven years, he lectured on the Christian worldview through a required Christian culture course at Handong University in Pohang. His recent book contains the contents of his lectures during that period, as well as key points from local and international Christian worldview discourse up to the present.

The book opens with an explanation of the Christian worldview itself. It goes on to clarify the first chapter of Genesis in the Old Testament and the historical Jesus of the New Testament in the light of the Christian worldview. Author Yang proposes that we embrace the Christian worldview as our narrative in life, as befits this postmodern era. To help all readers understand this extended discussion of the Christian worldview easily and intuitively, he unfolds it in interesting ways by using diverse examples, stories and pictures.

“I hope that the next generation will shake off the defeatist thinking that the Christian faith is of no help in understanding the world or themselves, and will cast off arrogant attitudes and practices that lead to triumphalism and excessive pride,” Representative Yang writes. “They can be reborn as persons who have proper confidence in their faith, love themselves, and know how to treat their neighbors and strangers with kindness…I hope that, having studied the Christian worldview, they will emerge with this character.”

Reporter Narae Kim (narae@kmib.co.kr), with Marion Kim (marionkkim@icloud.com)

Original Article in Korean:
[곁들여 읽을 만한 책] 다음세대 위해 쉽게 풀어쓴 ‘기독교 세계관’: 세계관 수업/양희송 지음/복있는사람

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