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“Even a small church can be a seed giving life to a village”

On October 16, a group of 18 urban pastors visited pastors in agricultural areas to learn from them about village ministry. The visitors, members of the Village Ministry Network, a group of pastors in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, and the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK - Tonghap) Bucheon Presbytery, (...)
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    “A Gospel calendar is a great evangelizer…Hung in the house, it bears fruit all year”
    Greeting Kukmin Daily on October 12 at Eden Christian Department Store in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Elder Kim Gyeong-hwa (64) of Seohyun Church launched into
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    Court: “Claim ‘extortion and family ruin are due to WMS Church of God’ is not defamation”
    The Supreme Court has made its final judgment: That to express the opinion “World Mission Society Church of God (formerly Ahn Sahng-hong Witness Soci
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    Prof. Wang Tai-il: “It’s time for the Korean church to go beyond the church building”
    At the monthly gathering of the Korean Council of Evangelism (president: Rev. Lee Jeong-il), Prof. Wang Tail-il (64, photo) of Methodist Theological U
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    North Korea: “Invitation to 7 religions’ delegates,” joint religious declaration expected
    It has been confirmed that North Korea proposed to delegates from the South’s seven major religions, a “South-North Religious Figures Gathering” to be
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    Korean Diakonia-KCC Investigation Team Visits Disaster Sites in Palu, Indonesia
    Kukmin Daily joined an investigation team from Korean Diakonia and Korea Church Coalition (KCC) this October 13, on a trip to Palu, Sulawesi Island in
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    “The composer of ‘Take my life’ was Moeller, not Mozart”
    Reportedly, the composer of hymn no. 213, “Take my life,” was not Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756~1791) but Wenzel Moeller (1767~1835).Former Yonsei Uni

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