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“Homosexuality is a sin, and such obscene activities should stop immediately”

“We love you all! We are against homosexuality!" "Homosexuality makes one prone to AIDS. We are against homosexuality! It destroys God's creation!" On June 28, a large group of Christians and other members of the general public shouted and picketed in front of Daehanmun....
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    [Cross-Loving People] Transformed from Duck Sculpture Collector to Korean-Style Cross Artist
    Deacon Park Sang-yong, director of the Duck Museum in Yangsan, Gyeongnam-do, holds one of his cross sculptures as he poses by the "duck boat" in his y
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    Myungsung Church at 35th Anniversary: Will Focus on New, Independent Churches
    Rev. Kim Sam-hwan delivers a message of thanks at the worship service on July 5, commemorating the 35th Anniversary of Myungsung Church in Seoul.Repor
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    MOF Broke Rules for Presidential Award to World Mission Society Church of God
    On the left photo a banner reading "Presidential Prize Winner" hangs on the front of the Daechi-dong, Seoul church of World Mission Society Church of
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    "Cross" Roof Tiles from Bukgan-do Patriots' Village Return to Korea
    Kim Jae-Hong, secretary general of the Memorial Center of Kim Yak Yun (Inc.), explains the Christian inscriptions on "maksae" from Myeongdong Village
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    Yeontan Church Is Established in Seoul's Last "Moon Village"
    Residents of Paeksa Village in Noweon-gu, Seoul, attending Yeontan Church's founding worship service on July 1, recite the "Yeontan Church Confession
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    Small-Group University Chapel Classes More Beneficial
    Since this past March, the Campus Mission Committee of Induk University, in Noweon-gu, Seoul, has been implementing "small-scale chapel," coordinated

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