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CCK and CCIK Publish March 1st Messages; NCCK and JCF Adopt Joint Statement

With the anniversary of the March 1st Independence Movement approaching, Korean Christian ecumenical organizations published statements and called for an apology and reflection by Japan, which continues to distort history and is moving toward a return to militarism. The National Council of Churches
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    PCK Tonghap Moderator Jeong Yeong-taek Visits Cuban Church to Seek Cooperation
    * In the photo, PCK Tonghap Moderator Jeong Yeong-taek (fourth from right) and PUTS professors pose with persons related to Evangelical Seminary of Th
  • Rev. Jin, Accused of Defaming World Mission Society Church of God (WMC), Found Innocent by Court
    Rev. Jin Yong-shik of Ansan Sangrok Church (head of the Korean Christian Council of Heresy Counseling Centers) was charged with defaming and insulting
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    Seven Denominations to Act Jointly Against Heretical Groups
    Seven Korean church denominations have decided to act jointly against heretical and pseudo religious groups, to exchange information, and to operate a
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    PROK: “Reconciliation and Peace for Jeju’s Gangjeong Village”
    The “Lenten Season Prayer Meeting Pilgrimage for Peaceful Reunification, Marking the 70th Anniversary of Liberation and Division,” organized by the Pr
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    PCK Tonghap Held “March 1st Movement and Christianity” Seminar
    The Presbyterian Church in Korea (PCK Tonghap; Rev. Jeong Yeong-taek, Moderator) held its “70th Liberation Anniversary Seminar” on February 23 at the
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    [New Year’s Holidays] “Big Party of Hope” at Seoul Station for Homeless Persons
    Happy Now (board chair: Rev. Gil Ja-yeon) and some 50 persons related to church circle organizations held a “Big Party of Hope” (photo) on February 20

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