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Korean Excavation Team Discovers 3,000 Year-old “Wall of Rehoboam”

On July 26 (local time), the “Korean Tel Lachish Excavation Team” (Director: Hong Sun-hwa) discovered a stone wall in Tel Lachish, Israel, presumably built during the reign of Jeroboam in the 10th century B.C., together with earthenware from the same period. This is the first known stone wall....
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    STU Signs Scholarly Exchange Agreement with Heidelberg University of Germany
    Seoul Theological University (President: Yu Suk-sung, right) announced on July 29 that it has concluded an academic exchange agreement with Heidelberg
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    "Dream of Angels" on U.S. Tour Until August 8
    The performing arts group "Dream of Angels," made up of adoptees and non-adoptees, departed on July 28 for a performance tour in the United States tha
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    Hospital Mission Back on Track: “Thanks for end of MERS outbreak through national endeavor”
    As the Korean government declared on July 28 that the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak has effectively ended, chaplains at major hospi
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    PROK “7th Document” Reflects on Church’s Mistakes, Its Recovery and Its Hopes
    “It seems like blind obedience to Western theology if we pattern (our document) after the negative style of expression in the Barmen Declaration” (Rev
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    Kim Wu-jeong and Cambodia’s Hebron Mission Hospital Treat 50,000 Patients Annually
    “Today eight medical staff from Yangsan Busan University Hospital arrived to perform child heart surgery. Yesterday we were able to save three childre
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    NCCK·YMCA·YWCA Petition Blue House for a Korean Peninsula Peace Treaty
    The National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK), the National Council of YMCAs of Korea, and the Korea YWCA submitted a petition to the Blue House on

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