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[Notice] Ending of Service

It is with great sadness that we announce the ending of the Kukmin Daily English service on this site. It was in October 2013, around the time of the World Council of Churches’ 10th General Assembly in Busan, Korea, that the Religion Division began our online English service. We’ve aimed to make this service the first source readers turn to for Korean Christian news in English, and we have been proud to provide this diverse news on a daily basis. As Kukmin Daily prepares to...
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    Dr. Lee Sang-Ku’s New Calling After Withdrawal From Church of Latter Day Saints
    Dr. Lee Sang-Ku (75, photo), director of the NewStart Center, became famous in the 1980s through his TV health lecture series emphasizing the importan
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    Christian Youth Discuss “Life Partners” and “Devotion”
    “I want to know the meaning of ‘helper.’ Our brothers in the church mostly see women as beings who help them, but our sisters disagree, saying we hav
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    Shincheonji Operating 100-plus Illegal, Anti-Christian Wrapping Buses
    On November 25, an illegal wrapping bus sat openly at the northern end of Yanghwa Bridge in Seoul. It was covered with harsh criticisms of two repres
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    “50% of earth destroyed…No alternative but for churches to be protectors of ecology”
    Pastors dreaming of “green ministry” have come together to seek ways for the churches to be reborn as ecological protectors.The PCK Green Church Counc
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    2,500 Churches in South Gyeongsang Province: “Cancel Student Rights Charter”
    On November 25 at Yongji Munhwa Park in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, the Gyeongnam Christian Council and the Gyeongnam Holy City Movement Head
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    “Stakeholders must come together to continue TB treatment supply to North Korea”
    At a factory in Gyeonggi-do, the Eugene Bell Foundation (director: Stephen Linton) produced 20 hospital isolation wards, each with two separate entran

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