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2,500 Churches in South Gyeongsang Province: “Cancel Student Rights Charter”

2018-11-26 16:01

On November 25 at Yongji Munhwa Park in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, the Gyeongnam Christian Council and the Gyeongnam Holy City Movement Headquarters held a large-scale rally (photo) demanding abolition of the Gyeongnam Student Rights Charter.

Pastor Emeritus Choi Hong-jun of Hosanna Church in Busan, in his sermon “Abolish the Abominable Human Rights Proposal,” declared, “Sexual activity among homosexuals, which the Gyeongnam Student Charter aims to protect, is a grave sin that deeply offends and displeases God, and therefore is a dangerous action undermining Creation, Providence and the church.”

“In this era pervaded by evil human rights despotism, Christians must absolutely stand at the forefront to protect the truth, prevent social pathology and guard citizens’ health,” Rev. Choi urged. “Let us pray and fight until the abominable human rights charter is abolished and the roots of human rights despotism are pulled out.”

The Gyeongnam Christian Council, an organization of more than 2,500 churches, announced a statement calling for “an immediate stop to the presentation of this charter, which teaches that homosexuality and gay marriage are normal, and even prevents criticism of cults and frauds harmful to the church.”

The 20,000 some participants in the rally called for rejection of the charter by the South Gyeongsang Provincial Council, and at the same time for the abolition of all the student rights charters already adopted by Seoul and Gwangju cities, and by Gyeonggi and North Cheolla provinces. They held a street parade from the Changwon KBS intersection, past the Gyeongnam Provincial Government office, to the Gyeongnam Office of Education. On the same day, the Session of Hanbit Presbyterian Church in Changwon announced that it was removing Gyeongnam Education Superintendent Park Jong-hun from its membership rolls.

Article and photo by reporter Paek Sang-hyun (100sh@kmib.co.kr), from Changwon

Full Story in Korean:
경남지역 2500여 교회 “경남학생인권조례 폐지”: 2만여명 집회 열고 촉구, 참석자들 창원시내 행진

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