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Christian Youth Discuss “Life Partners” and “Devotion”

2018-11-29 16:43

“I want to know the meaning of ‘helper.’ Our brothers in the church mostly see women as beings who help them, but our sisters disagree, saying we have to help each other. I have experienced arguments caused by the different perceptions of this word.” (A working woman in her late 20s)

“I have seen friends in the church get exhausted in the process of their teaching or other service work. They are so tired in body and mind that they even say they’re afraid to go to church. Do we have to serve compulsorily, even in a state of exhaustion?” (A man student in his early 20s)

It was November 27, at Just Listen Live Studio on Donggyo-ro in Mapo-gu, Seoul. Though the time was late and it was a weekday, the 60 some Christian young people attending the 2nd Youth Talk Concert “Moeum” stayed in their seats. Animated discussion ensued on the themes of “life partner” and “devotion.” The young people nodded their heads in agreement with the questions, and awaited a Biblical interpretation by Rev. Jo Yun-hyeok (far left) of The Nurim Church.

“Many young persons have a misunderstanding of ‘helper,’” Rev. Jo began. “God created man and woman with the command to help each other and become a unity.” He continued, “‘Helper’ includes both men and women. God wants all relationships, not just between married couples but in all social relations, to be mutual and complementary. When we share our God-given gifts with others, our own gifts can be further developed.”

Turning to the theme of devotion, “God likes us as we are, and does not want our unwilling devotion,” Jo said. “If we lose heart in the midst of our ministry, it’s no use… Before God, we have accomplished nothing. Our hearts are more important than our devotion.”

Article and photo by reporter A-young Kim (singforyou@kmib.co.kr), with Marion Kim (marionkkim@icloud.com)

Original Article in Korean:
“교회 봉사로 피곤… 억지로라도 더 해야 하나요”: 제2회 청년토크콘서트 ‘모음’ 기독 청년 60여명 ‘배우자’ ‘헌신’ 주제로 토론

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