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Korean Churches and NGOs United to Help Haiyan Survivors

2013-11-18 18:04

The Korean churches are responding quickly in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, just as they did after the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in January 2010 and the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011. Currently a state of emergency has been declared in the Philippines.

The Korean Church United Relief Mission for the Philippines (KCU Relief) announced on November 17 that it has begun a joint effort for emergency rescue in Tacloban, the Philippines, with the National Council of Churches in the Philippines and the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. Members of KCU Relief include the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK), the Communion of Churches in Korea (CCIK), and 40 denominations.

The Presbyterian Church of Korea has decided to grant support of $30,000 out of its relief fund. The Korean Salvation Army has initiated fundraising of $100,000 for food supplies upon the request of the Philippines Salvation Army. The Christian Council of Korea also has sent out an official letter requesting help from its 72 member denominations and 11 member organizations.

The Korea Association of Church Communication has donated $10,000 to World Vision for the Philippines, and through its media network is encouraging more participation by the Korean churches. The Korean World Mission Association has decided to raise funds for the rebuilding of churches, in conjunction with the Korean Missionaries Council in the Philippines.

Christian NGOs and rescue organizations, too, are participating in the effort to help the Philippines. The emergency medical team of Food for the Hungry International arrived in Tacloban on November 17 and began rescue activities. The team visits shelters designated by the Department of Health of the Philippines, to provide orthopedic, pediatric, and dermatological treatments.

Good People has sent to Tacloban the clothing and supplies it has received from Skono Korea (shoes worth approx. $1.9 million) and from Hite Jinro and Beautybell (bottled water and clothing, together valued at approx. $23,000).

Child Fund Korea (‘Green Umbrella’) has decided to send support of $10,000 immediately and to begin fundraising for continuous help. CFK has sent emergency rescue agents to the site as well.

World Human Bridge also has initiated emergency rescue activities.

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