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NCCK Special Declaration Rejects “Comfort Women” Agreement

2016-01-28 17:19

On January 27, the National Council of Churches in Korea announced its total rejection of the December 28 “comfort women” agreement reached by the foreign ministers of Korea and Japan, and said it will work in support of a solution based on justice.

At the 1,215th Wednesday gathering in front of the Japanese Embassy on Yulgok-no in Jongno-gu, Seoul, NCCK Vice Moderator Rev. Kim Hye-suk (left, in photo) read aloud a Special Declaration by the Korean Churches.

“NCCK rejects the December 28 agreement as a one-time political act that once again distorts the painful history between our two countries,” Vice Moderator Kim said. “We reaffirm that the Japanese military sex slavery victims have a valid right to claim compensation, and we will stand with them in the effort to fulfill that right and to restore their human rights.” She continued, “The Korean churches will continuously urge the government of Japan to conduct a full investigation, acknowledge the crime, apologize publicly, provide legal compensation, punish the guilty persons, and educate its people for correct understanding of history.”

In addition, the NCCK declared that it will join together with the world churches in nationwide signature campaigns for nullification of the Korea-Japan “comfort women” agreement and for just resolution of the issue, and will pray and work in solidarity with the World Council of Churches and civil society until this goal is reached.

The declaration, adopted by NCCK’s 64th Executive Committee meeting on the 21st, signifies the resolve to act in more positive solidarity for the solution of the problem.

Representative Kim Geum-ok of Korean Women’s Association United, which organized the gathering this day, announced the formation of a preparation committee for the “Justice and Memory Foundation,” a Korean initiative in opposition to Japan’s proposal of a foundation with 10 million yen contributed by the Japanese government. Kim appealed for contributions of 10,000 won each by 1 million persons, to set up the Korean foundation.

Despite the cold weather, more than 600 persons took part in the gathering, including the students who are keeping continuous watch over the “sonyeo sang” (statue of the young girl, a symbol of the sex slavery survivors).

Reporter Narae Kim (narae@kmib.co.kr), with Marion Kim (marionkkim@icloud.com)
Photo by senior reporter Kang Min Seok

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