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CNPU Statement Challenges North Korea, South Korea and United States To Act For Peace

2018-01-04 12:43
On December 28, ahead of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the Christian Network for Peace and Unification, Inc. (CNPU; board chairperson: Rev. Park Jong-wha) issued a statement of heartfelt hopes for the establishment of peace on the Korean peninsula.

“The present international situation surrounding the Korean peninsula is tense and precarious,” the CNPU statement said. “We sincerely hope that the original Olympic spirit of mutual cooperation and harmony, manifested through sports events even by conflicting nations, will be completely revived at the Pyeongchang Olympics.” It continued, “If we cannot use the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics effectively, our people will be pulled even further off the path of peace and unification,” and warned that “The consequences will burden our descendants with a painful life.”

In the statement, CNPU presented specific items of request to the governments of North Korea, South Korea and the USA. Its demands to North Korea included “suspension of nuclear and missile testing,” “participation in the Pyeongchang Olympics,” and “fulfillment of the successive South-North governmental agreements.” To the South Korean government, it urged “offering of full assistance for participation by the North Korean national team,” “cancellation of the May 24 (economic) sanctions and initiation of unconditional dialogue and negotiations,” “replacement of progressive-conservative polemics with cooperation for improved South-North relations” and other steps. To the USA it requested, among other things, “rejection of the military option for solution of the Korean peninsula issue” and “acceptance of President Moon Jae-in’s proposal to delay the Korea-US joint military exercises.” In conclusion, it entreated the Korean churches to “pursue love, justice and peace, while taking the lead in efforts to realize harmony among the Korean people.”

317 persons joined in issuing the statement: 122 members of CNPU and 195 others.

Reporter Lee Saya (Isaiah@kmib.co.kr), with Marion Kim (marionkkim@icloud.com)

Original Article in Korean:
“北, 핵과 미사일 중단… 南, 무조건 대화·협상… 美, 군사 옵션 배격을”: 평통연대, 평창올림픽 앞두고 한반도 평화 염원 성명 발표

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