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Together in One Heart With the Homeless

2016-04-06 11:27

Samil Church (Rev. Song Tae-geun) on Cheongpa-ro in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, took action on March 30 to save Truly Good Friends (board chair: Elder Shin Seok-chul), a free meals service facility for homeless persons at Seoul Station that was in financial crisis and on the verge of closing: The church contributed its total Easter Sunday offerings of 73,400,000 won. “When our church members heard about the financial crisis of this center that has long ministered to the homeless and to persons living in cramped one-room dwellings, we all came together in one heart,” said Rev. Song Tae-geun (left in photo). “We are happy that we could share the joy of Easter with our neighbors in difficulty.”

Ordinarily, Samil Church’s Easter offerings come to about 40 million won, but this year upon their church’s decision to help Truly Good Friends, the congregation gave almost twice that amount. Truly Good Friends has worked for the past 27 years providing free meals to homeless and lonely single-room residents of the area.

“Our ministry was in a crisis of survival, but now we can continue, thanks to God’s amazing grace,” said Truly Good Friends board chair Shin Seok-chul (right). “The Samil Church members’ offerings will be used to make up the shortage of security money and to pay the costs of meals preparation for the homeless, lonely people.”

Reporters Choi Ki-young & Yeong Dae Yoo (ky710@kmib.co.kr), with Marion Kim (marionkkim@icloud.com)

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